Smartphone Support

Interact with Viewers Using QR Codes

You may have noticed that black-and-white pixelated squares showing up increasingly in magazines, advertisements, brochures, business cards, and even in retail stores. They are two-dimensional bar codes, called quick response codes (QR codes).

Thanks to the ease and convenience of QR code, users can get instant access to information on their smartphones, and even better, bring it with them right away.  You can try it here, but imagine the power of this technology if you put a QR code on a digital sign…

Viewer Control of Digital Signage

By sending http commands to the player, users can select the playback content on their phone and see the information displayed on the screen simultaneously. How can you use this?

  • A real estate office that is showing available properties in the window during off hours.
  • A retail store to help a patron browse options of a product
  • A way to capture contact information for people that are interested.

Once the viewers stop interacting with the sign, it return to the regular content loop until someone else interacts with it.